x-tention and partners collect AOK supplements – the Orchestra eHealth Suite is put to use in Germany’s very first digital health network.

The AOK group is in the process of building a digital health network for its assureds and thereby taking on a pioneering role in the German health insurance environment. Thanks to the health network, their customer base, counting 25 Mio. assureds, will have self-determined access to their health information anytime, anywhere. The health network aims to make it as easy as possible to, for example, forward discharge letters from hospital to general practitioner, as well as passing on diagnostic information to specialists if needed.

“We’re excited to work with such a high-powered and innovative partner with national and international experience in the eHealth sector”, says AOK chairman Martin Litsch.

InterComponentWare and soffico, in their roles as the leading software developers for IHE-systems, as well x-tention, an established IT solution provider in the health and social sector, combined their strengths in creating the Orchestra eHealth Suite software and managed to impress AOK completely. “In partnering with established software developers and adding our extensive project experience plus the quality of the Orchestra eHealth Suite, we will be able to optimally support AOK in realizing their digital health network. We are excited for our cooperation.”, says Bernhard Kronsteiner, Managing Director at the x-tention group.


By the best for the best

InterComponentWare AG (ICW) develops future-oriented software solutions with an international team boasting 20 years of experience to insure secure and comprehensive data exchange in the healthcare sector. The ICW eHealth Suite offers powerful, coordinated modules that allow users to build bespoke eHealth solutions.

soffico is based in Augsburg and develops the future-proof and innovative standard software Orchestra Healthcare Edition. Orchestra connects IT-systems in organizations as well as common-mode organizations, which are optimized for the requirements of the healthcare industry.

x-tention group harmonizes and integrates all the different kinds of IT-systems of hospitals, rest and care homes, as well as social facilities. Their bespoke solutions are based on the one hand on their team’s solid Know-How, consisting of software developers, operation specialists and consultants, and on the other hand on years of IT-experience in the health and social sector.


The digital AOK health network

The AOK health network aims to be the digital place-to-go for all personal health concerns. Information, interactions and products are presented in their entirety on the basis of innovative, international IT-, safety- and data security standards. Those synergies are utilized and healthcare competencies of insurant are strengthened. Medical provisions will therefore be much more goal-oriented and balanced in the future.

The digital network is formed by connecting the information given by general practitioners, as well as specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, health communities in addition to self-recorded data, e.g. with the help of fitness trackers or apps. The insurant decides, who has access to what information. Data security is guaranteed through the use of decentralized data depositories, which means that data is saved where it’s created. AOK itself doesn’t have any access to the personal health data of their assureds.


IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

The technical infrastructure of the AOK health network aligns itself with so-called IHE-profiles. IHE is an international initiative by users and IT-developers in the healthcare sector, aiming for the improvement of interoperability of IT-Systems. There are already operative international infrastructure projects based on it, for example ELGA/Austria, the electronic patient dossier (EPD)/Switzerland and the Nationell Patientöversikt (NPÖ)/Sweden.


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