Dear partners, dear participants and speakers,

We hope you’ve successfully settled back into daily business after the rigors of this year’s Partner Conference.
After the last few weeks of craziness, planning and making sure everything is good and ready for you, we are also slowly but surely getting back to normal as well.
It was a long, intense, stressful, enlightening day for us at soffico. We hope we were not only able to entertain you with panels and food, but also managed to give you some insight into why we do Orchestra, why it means so much to us.
Between all the questions asked, “why?” appeared most often. Why do we do what we do? Why do we feel so strongly? Why is it our mission to convince you of our cause?
Each of our speakers aimed to answer that question for you in their own way.


Start with why


Markus Widmann, International Partner Manager at soffico, wanted to sell you on the emotion of using Orchestra. For that, he quoted TED-speaker Simon Sinek, who said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. For us, it’s all about passion, all about finding more to work than just productivity. soffico-CEO Harald Wenger underlined the joy and innovation that comes with working with Orchestra. How you interact with Orchestra means just as much as the output you produce.
Non-soffico speakers talked of the ways working with Orchestra has impacted their daily business. simple system-CEO Andreas Moser believed in a customer-centric approach, aided by our middleware. Partnerships should not be temporary or made out of convenience – simple system aims to make partnerships that stick, that bring on-going benefits to both parties. In soffico, they found a partner that shares their vision.
Dr. Dominik Rohrmus, in turn, spoke of the importance of innovation and moving forward as technology develops at rapid speeds. Orchestra lives on innovation, on ideas for the future. The importance of never standing still and of being able to see beyond yourself is what success is all about, according to Dr. Rohrmus.
We can see here: Orchestra can play more than one tune.


New in: Orchestra academy & Sales partner portal


To make working with Orchestra even easier in the future, we unveiled two projects we’ve been working on long-term: Orchestra academy and the Sales partner portal. Academy, as hinted by the name, is a learning platform where you can book both offline and online training courses on all Orchestra-related topics. So far, we’ve uploaded 25 different kinds of classes to help you work better with Orchestra in the future.
The Sales partner portal aids you in selling Orchestra to your customers. On the site, we’ve provided a large number of materials and documents, such as case studies, presentations and whitepapers on our products. That way, you always have marketing and sales material ready to use.

Hearing from you


In our Master Class, led by Harald Wenger and Benedikt Aichinger, Head of Sales & Marketing at the x-tention group, we put our focus on sales. We have a great product – the very first step to being successful – now we need to convince our customers of its worth and how it can benefit them. We greatly appreciated the interesting (and thought-provoking!) questions from the audience. We were glad to see you laugh along and connect with us.


The night ended with a little party in honor of a day well spent in good company.
Talking shop is good and important – but connecting as humans is what this evening, what our mission, was all about. Eating good food, tasting fine whiskey, rum and gin, networking and getting to know each other.
We hope we were able to show you a new side to Orchestra, to us.
Each year, we aim to make you part of our journey, to take you with us. Hopefully, you will continue to explore the world of Orchestra right by our side.